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UPDATE: I’m Back! A Fresh Reset + Mental Clarity for 2023

Where did the time go?

The last 2.5 years, with the pandemic, 3 kids in school and sports, have all hit me harder than expected. I’ve taken the last year to reflect. I’ve been working on a fun side project, while mostly focusing on being a mom and my full-time career.

However, it dawned on me recently that I have completely let go of my O+A. Including my blog, YouTube channel, and social media. I started looking back on my Instagram feed, and I started to feel sad. I saw all the fun things I had created and realized I had really put aside my own creative outlets. My career is creative as well. I am a UX/UI Designer for iOS products, and I spend quite a bit of time on my computer. So I just sometimes want to leave my office – and forget to come back for some relaxing creativity.

Let’s Go Back to Last Year…

A year ago in April, one of my close friends approached me, and a couple other creative friends. All who had small businesses. She proposed a new adventure for the 5 of us. We started collaborating on fun parties togther. One friend is a cake decorator. One is a photographer. One is a party stylist. The other used to be my intern years ago. Back when I was in the wedding industry doing invitations and other details for weddings. She now owns her own successful business where she creates amazing pieces for weddings, events and so much more.

But, here I was. Sitting at this table. Questioning in the back of my head, what I was doing in this group. Yes, I’m definitely a creative. But what was I supposed to bring to the table? I didn’t have my own business, not really. I have a full time job and what feels like a hobby. So, I asked. They all told me that I was the one with the eye for detail. The Jill of all trades, that always knows how to add something unique.

So, we started with my 2nd daughter’s 6th birthday party, which was a Bluey theme. I did super fun party favors. Cute handmade Bluey + Bingo details. The othe girls all brought their incredible talents and we threw our first party as Confetti + Friends.

We have done 7 parties since then. I have been mostly involved in hand making and currating unique favors for these parties. As well as additional details, using my laser cutter, or printed pieces, etc.

Move Forward to Today…

This year I have had time to play, rest and reflect on what I want to do. Now, and in the future with O+A. I have a pretty clear vision for the future and I have a game plan for this next year. I feel motivated and am ready to take all of you on this journey with me.

What does that mean? Well, I still plan to have a shop to allow you to download templates and more from me. But I will not be selling items in the way I have in the past. I mostly want to make things and share them with you. Create to create, and keep it fun, by bringing my kids, friends and family in on the fun. Basically, I really want to create a celebrated life every day. Making memories and finding ways to make this creative outlet something I enjoy, without being a burden. I hope to work with clients locally through Confetti + Friends. Sharing those projects and events here. I also plan to be creating more regularly. Things like gifts, diy projects, home organization solutions (for the mom with no time), recipes, fun everyday ideas and more.

You can follow along here, on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok.

Above are the images from our very first party – and what set the road to my new journey.

PARTY BY @confettifriendspdx

WHACKADOO! BACKDROP: @lettersanddust


PHOTOBOOTH: @smirkphotobooth

CAKE: @sugargeekshow

COOKIES: @ngantran


PHOTOGRAPHY: @bunnsalarzon

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