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Easy DIY Saint Patrick’s Day Garland

I wanted to make a cute felt garland. So, what better holiday to do one for than St. Patrick’s Day? I made a template to cut out all the shapes I wanted and printed it out on semi thick paper. Regular copy paper works too, but I prefered something with a little bit more weight.

First I cut out all the shapes with my scissors. Then I used a Sharpie to trace the shapes on the different colors of felt I chose. I used a variety of colors and felt types, as well as some fun glitter fabric that I got off Amazon.

One I traced my shapes I cut them all out with some sharp scissors. This helped keep the edges from spreading too much and kept the corners and things nice and sharp. In some areas I found I needed an exacto blade, and that helped with details on the pot-of-gold.

Once all my pieces were cut out I hot glued the rainbow together. This was the only layered piece, but it worked out pretty well. When you cut this shape out you want to choose your bottom color first and keep the 3 arches conntected on the template. Once you’re done tracing out your bottom color, then you can cut the arches of the template, and you’ll want 2 other colors and just cut each arch out for each color. Then you hot glue those pieces together, and it is pretty cute.

Then you can organize them in any pattern/order you like. And simply use a sewing machine to connect them all together. Then place anywhere you want in our home for some simple and adorable DIY St. Patrick’s Day decor for your home!

You can download the template here: CLICK HERE FOR TEMPLATE

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