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UPDATE: Bluey & Bingo Inspired Custom Birthday Party

My daughter wanted a Bluey & Bingo themed birthday party for her birthday. We are a big Bluey loving family and I wasn’t ok with just finding some basic party supplies, I wanted to create an experience. Luckily I have some crafting skills and some pretty incredibly creative friends!

I was able to come up with a lot of fun details for it, by just being a little more creative, and using the show and episodes as inspiration. I also wanted the colors to feel toned down but still colorful. So, we used the colors of both Bluey and Bingo to create to make you almost feel like you were hanging out in their own backyard.

The girls dresses I found by a customer maker on Etsy LuRose Creations. She had the cutest apron dresses for Bingo and Bluey, and I just had to order them for the girls. I put coordinating t-shirts on underneath and they got to be the characters during the party.

I created “Rita’s Beans” as a favor, with a yummy mixutre of flavored Jelly Belly® including a buttered popcorn flavor that was my personal favorite! I designed these cute labels using an image I found online of “Rita” slipping on her beans. I used the Jelly Belly® packaging as inspiration for the text I used, but just “Bingo-ified” it. Like instead of saying “The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean®”, I wrote “The Original Grannie Jelly Bean”. I also added “Rita’s” most famous line “I slipped on ma beans!”.

On the website I was able to find some free printable coloring pages that I used and created a fun coloring station where kids could pick out a coloring page and crayons and sit down and color.

We had 2 tiny kid picnic tables that I purchased from Amazon, they were the from KidKraft, and came with cushions and removable umbrellas to crate some shade. I put two end to end and then decorated with some metal trays, cute baskets I got from the Dollar Tree and these stainless steel trays (also from Amazon) that we used for their party craft, which was to make beaded bracelets. I customized flower sunnies with beads for their names, and also made a “Keepy Uppy” balloon game favor. I placed one balloon in a clear bag with a label that had a cute illustration of Bingo playing the game, and the rules written on the back. All the supplies I purchased from Amazon.

For party favors, I decided to make custom “dog houses” with these unfinished wooden house shaped boxes I found on Oriental Trading Company for $9.99. I found a background image that was the backyard of the tv show and printed it on sticker paper. I then cut it down to size to fit inside the house. I. used my Glowforge laser cutter to cut out a white picket fence in white acrylic, and glued that onto the front. Then I did a massive search for as many unique plush characters from the show. I wanted each kid to get a different character. I searched for Bluey Friends plush toys specficially and found a ton at Wal-Mart & Target but in the end (because I’m obsessive, LOL), I ended up ordering some on eBay and Etsy to find harder to find characters. Basically do some digging, find the best deals, and you can find them. If you’re willing to look. It can be work. But look how cute they were! The kids were obsessed with their Bluey Friend houses.

I also found some cute blank rainbow notebooks, and Stackable Crayons that have the tiny crayons that you can interchange and keep all the colors in the one stackable holder. They are so fun, I remember using them as a kid, and so I attached them to each notebook with some cute ribbons.

I also found Bluey Stickers on Amazon in a pack of 50, and put several in Small Irridescent Zip Pouches and added another custom label for them on top. This became a pick your own favors bar! I find that the kids just love these, and the parents do too, because they are getting fun favors that they’ll keep and remember for a long time.

I also used my Glowforge laser cutter to create additional unique details for the photobooth, stir sticks for the drinks, and toothpicks for the desserts. I have downloadable SVG templates for these available for $5 in my Digital Shop:

And the two amazing birthday cakes were made by one of my best friends Liz Marek of the Sugar Geek Show and Sugar Geek University. She teaches others how to make amazing cakes just like these with detailed tutorials and a membership program. If you’re interested in being a cake decorater, baker, or just an enthusiast who wants to learn more, check her out!

The party was a huge success! I hope you find this inspirational to make your own party theme, or even a Bluey theme! And hopefully the links to products I’ve added are useful. Please note they are affiliate links so I may receive a small commission from any sales made from those links.

Here are some more images from the celebration:

You can Save $250 on a Glowforge machine by using my referral link:

Don’t know what a Glowforge is? Checkout this new product from the company:

Glowforge laser printers, meant for personal crafting projects at home! I have had mine since 2016!



PARTY COORDINATED BY @confettifriendspdx
WHACKADOO! BACKDROP: @lettersanddust
PHOTOBOOTH: @smirkphotobooth
CAKE: @sugargeekshow
COOKIES: @ngantran
CAKE POPSICLES: @wearecakehv
PHOTOGRAPHY: @cupofbunn

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